Amanda Gisby

My name is Amanda Gisby and I am a Team GB Powerlifter BDPFA and former lifter for the GBPF and UK Strongwoman both WADA tested and approved associations.

I started lifting in August 2012 as part of my general training programme and was told my lifts were competitive so I entered my first competition in December 2012 where I became Welsh Champion, and again in May the following year setting 3 new Welsh records.

After my performance in December 2012 I was selected to compete at a British bench only competition in Feb 2013 near Newcastle where I came 2nd in the UK with a personal best competition bench press of 72.5kg.

In Spring 2013 I participated in the British Championships near Blackpool where once again I ranked second but closely gaining on my opposition with only 2kg overall in the results.

In summer 2013 Team GB in the Western Europeans IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) in Bordeaux France, where I ranked second lifting in the 72kg equipped class with a body weight of 65.4kg.

Autumn 2013 I represented Team Wales in the Four Nations Championships in Northern Ireland in the equipped 72kg class weighing in at 64.8kg. Gaining my personal best deadlift of 160kg.

February 2014 I competed in the Welsh Championships where I obtained Welsh Champion again in the equipped category.

May 2014 Four Nation Qualifiers Swansea I competed RAW for the first time and obtained a new competition personal best squat of 127.5kg at 64.8kg body weight.

  • British Championships July 12th 2014 Northampton - 2nd place
  • Welsh Counties August 10th 2014 Swansea -1st place
  • British Classic 20th September 2014 Bethnal Green -3rd place (GBPF)
  • Welsh Open 5th October 2014 Swansea -1st place BDPFA
  • Four Nations 29th November 2014 Glasgow -Team event 2nd GBPF
  • Single Lifts 7th December 2014 Swansea -1st Place BDPFA
  • Welsh Champs 25th Jan 2015 BDPFA - 125kg sq, 60kg bench, 155kg dead -1st, Best lifter
  • British Full Power Champs March 2015 BDPFA 125kg sq, 62.5kg bench, 155kg dead -1st place
  • British record holder squats
  • UKs Strongest Woman June 2015 Progressive Training Systems -10th Place
  • Welsh Counties 5th July 2015 BDPFA 125kg sq, 60kg bench, 165kg dead 1st, best lifter
  • Welsh record holder
  • UKs Strongest Woman Tested Athletes July 2015 -5th Place
  • 4 nations Team Wales BDPFA 01 August 2015 125kg sq, 65kg bench, 165 dead total 355kgBest lifter
  • Overall total British record
  • Current British Record Holder Squats and overall Total
  • Current European Record Holder Squats
  • Current World Record Holder Squats
  • Current Welsh Record Holder

Upcoming Events – so far booked in

  • Trojans Charity powerlifting event Max rep lifts 3.10.15
  • Trojans Strongest Woman 01.11.15
  • 2015 South Wales Single Lift Championships 27.09.15
  • 2016 British Full Power Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th February, Beaconside Sports Centre, Stafford


  • Squat 150kg
  • Bench 80kg
  • Deadlift 185kg
  • Total 400kg
  • Max log lift 80kg
  • UK’s strongest woman (tested)

I am a very determined athlete and I take my training and nutrition extremely seriously.

I train 4-5 days per week primarily on strength and technique from 90-120mins per session depending on competition run up timings.

My training ethos: Have a goal, have discipline, eat well, train smart and never ever give up on your dream.  

You are truly amazing and there are no limits what you can do, stay strong, stay focussed, stay fit and most importantly enjoy your journey.