Darryl Taylor, from Milton Keynes discovered his passion for bodybuilding at the young age of 18 when he started getting involved in weight training at his local gym.  The 28-year-old started training as a hobby and over the years put in a lot of hard work to develop his current physique that has seen him feature on the cover of QX magazine. He loves encouraging others and believes that anyone can incorporate training into their daily routines and lead a healthy lifestyle.  

Darryl is a also a brand ambassador for Machine Fitness, and JBC a sports nutrition brand that develops products specifically for athletes and shares his fitness and traning tips through his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Darryl is not only passionate about health and wellbeing; he is a dedicated family man who lives with his fiancée Rachel, and 10-month-old son, Harrison. Darryl always makes sure that he has lots of time with his family and has kept them a priority throughout his career.

Outside of work and family time, Darryl is a self-confessed hard-core gamer and movie buff. But true to his love of fitness and training, the athlete enjoys Martial Arts and Combat sports. Darryl has trained for nearly two years in Mixed Martial Arts and has recently participated in a Charity Boxing match to raise money for Cancer Awareness.