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Graham Mansfield

“I left the Army Forces in 2012 - did 3 operational tours Iraq 2005 & 2007 and Afghanistan 2011. I represent the Army in Rugby 7's playing all over the world against many international teams such as Fiji, Western Samoa, France, USA and Kenya.

I’ve always been into fitness and once I saw James Llewellin in the gym I knew from then on I wanted to be a bodybuilder, but due to lack of experience and knowledge, I knew this would be impossible without help. So I approached Mr Llewellin who was happy to take me under his wing.

After 16 week’s prep with James I competed in:

April 2016 – This was my first show UKBFF Flex Lewis classic which i won the classic Class and invited to the World Amateur Olympia Sept 2016 2nd Show UKBFF Welsh Championship which i won the classic class.

Oct 2016 3rd show British Final, which I placed 6th out of 24 amazing experienced Athlete's. My weight at these shows was 75kg.

 Future shows

PCA Muscle talks July 2017 and potentially more.

My goal is to look better each time on stage and to get on international stages competing against the best bodybuilders in the world.”

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