Jason Vaughan


Hi I'm Jason and I'm a full time personal trainer. I started training approximately 7 years ago, although the type of training I was doing back then is a lot different to how I train these days, this was down to me being a professional golfer so my workouts were designed specifically to help my golf game. Working on explosive, rotational power, core strength and balance.

With my workouts nowadays being based more towards bodybuilding/athleticism goals I think my years of golf workouts have put me in good stead to excel in the type of workouts I am currently doing.

I always want to be able to run faster, jump higher, punch harder and faster whilst attaining an aesthetically pleasing physique. Another passion of mine is nutrition, and know how important it is in regards to body composition as well as the body being able to function at it's highest level. Therefore I will be putting my own knowledge and experience in play to make sure i can get in the best condition possible whilst still remaining as healthy as possible. Obviously being backed by one of the best supplement companies about, not only the products but their knowledge and know how will guarantee I reach my goals.

My goals:
My new goal is to compete in the UKBFF Physique category later this year in Cardiff. I'm excited for this as I'm always trying to see how good I can get my physique in whilst still remaining functional and athletic, so it leaves me with a vast array of training techniques to employ along my journey.

My favourite JBC products are:
ISO Whey (cookies & cream/strawberry ice cream) for recovery after workouts as well as upping my daily protein intake throughout the day.
CLA for aiding natural fat loss.
Multivitamin to ensure I'm covering all basis with regards to vitamins and minerals alongside my food intake.
Beta Alanine as part of my pre workout. This helps delay fatigue during workouts, enabling me to push harder for longer, which is a massive help as my workouts are based on intensity.
L-Arginine is the other part to my pre workout. It basically increases blood flow to the muscles, allowing for a greater contraction and getting that 'pump' in the muscle. #TeamJBC