We often get asked:

  • How many calories should I consume?
  • What should I be eating?
  • Diets don't work for me...

This is why we created the 'Fitness Evaluation & Diet Plans'.

Unlike other companies, we are not here to make a quick buck and leave you frustrated and feeling lost with it all.

We will make a personalised diet plan & supplement guide for you! not a 'copy & paste' from the internet, but actually something that fits in around "YOU".

Ok, So how much does it cost?

Well quite simply because we care about our customers and we want you to get the best results, we are offering these plans for FREE. No one likes spending hard earned money on supplements and products and not getting the results. We truly believe in the supplements we provide at JBC, that we want to ensure you get off on the right track right at the start. 

If you are tired of starting over and not getting the results you deserve then fill out the form below and one of our trained staff will get in touch with you ASAP, to get your health and fitness journey underway...

Please use the below form to supply as much information as possible about your current training, diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, alcohol consumption etc. 

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