How do we compare?

At JBC we design and create supplements for ELITE level athletes bringing this high quality performance driven products to market at affordable prices, TO FUEL THE ATHLETE IN YOU. Take a look at some comparisons we've made from our products and other leading brands.

Amino Pro 2.0

Made for Premiership football clubs. Used by Olympic world Champions, Elite Ice Hockey teams, this product was designed to be L-Leucine heavy with the added benefit of Multi Vitamins and Electrolytes to reduce and prevent the catabolic effect to ensure you perform at your best for longer. 


ISO Whey Protein

Our ISO Whey has been specifically designed to offer one of the purest protein powders on the market. We've not added any thickeners or fillers to our ISO Whey, giving this protein powder a very light finish. The ISO Whey won't leave you bloated or sit heavy on your stomach. See how it shapes up compared to these well known brands. 


Unleash The Beast

Most pre workout formulas offer very little in the way of ingredients that matter. This is why you need to take more and more scoops. Not any more! When we made the Unleash the Beast we wanted to give you a full serving of Beta Alanine, Arginine, Citrulline Malate and Taurine. Take a look at how we compare with some of the favourites out there..