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Mizan Rahman

Mizan Rahman

I have been involved in sports most of my life with football, Kickboxing and Athletic being my dominant sport. I was playing semi-pro football until a knee injury forced me out of my game. This was one of the lowest part of life until I joined the gym with friends about 13 years ago and I’ve never looked back, with the limitations to participate in any sport this was the next best thing for me to getting that “buzz”, the feeling you get from a good work out is second to none and after all these years it’s still the same now. Staying committed in the gym has not only made me achieve a desirable physique, but has also helped me overcome many barriers and improved legs strength to start playing football socially.

Through my training journey I have learnt a lot about different training methods, techniques and nutrition required to get a desired physique. From my years of training I have manage to get into the best shape of my life to date and on October 2014 I decided to enter the ‘Miami Pro fitness UK’ fitness model competition where I finished 2nd place in my category and received my Miami Pro ‘PRO card’ . It was my first time competing and wanted to do it for the experience but came away with such a buzz from being on stage that it’s given me the confidence to compete again in the near future.

Training wise I have changed and still do change my method every few months as I firmly believe that keeping your muscles guessing is healthy for growth. Currently I am training a big muscle group and a small muscle group together back to back ‘super-setting ‘through, so a typical session would be chest and hamstring, another day back and triceps, biceps and quads, shoulders on it own, and train compound legs such as squats, lunges and dead-lifts one day on its own.

Everyone knows that training is a big part of achieving an appealing physique, But along with it the commitment, rest, right nutrition and supplements is required. For me this is where I am very grateful to have ‘JBC nutrition’ as a sponsor. With their nutritional and supplement support I am looking to compete, reach my fitness goals and be a positive role model for others coming up in the fitness industry.

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