4 Common workout mistakes

Have you been plugging away at the gym for months? Are you still struggling to reach your goals? If you’re nodding along, then don’t worry. There are thousands of men up and down the country struggling to reach their targets, and surprisingly many are failing because of the same issues.

Here we’re going to look at some of the most common workout mistakes that could be stopping you from achieving your goals.

Being Too Social I’m sure you’ve made plenty of new friends at the gym and that’s great. Don’t consider gym time as social time though. When you arrive its fine to have a quick catch up but don’t spend the majority of your session chit chatting. You need complete focus when you’re working out and striving towards your goals.
Save the social time for outside the gym.

Proper Technique It’s good that you want to try out new pieces of machinery at your gym but be wary. If you don’t know how to use the equipment, don’t just jump on it. Improper technique can not only put you at risk of injuring yourself but it can also affect your calorific burn.
You may even have been using a piece of equipment for years in a certain way only to find out that it’s the wrong way. I’m sure your gym will have plenty of expert staff members on hand to teach you how to properly use something so don’t be afraid to ask!

Not Altering Your Program It’s easy if you’ve been visiting a gym for a while to fall in to the same routine. The problem is, this will only take you so far. If you want to avoid ‘diminishing returns’ make sure that you’re regularly trying and taking in part in new exercises. You don’t have to stop your tried and tested regime altogether. Just make sure that you’re testing out new techniques.
Remember – if you’re trying something new, make sure you learn the correct technique.

Hydrate You’d be surprised at the amount of people who neglect to drink water. Okay, well maybe they don’t neglect it all together, but they don’t drink anywhere near enough of it. Staying hydrated will help ensure that you’re good to go and alert for your workout. If you sweat a lot of it out pick up a drink with electrolytes to help keep hold of the fluid you’re taking on board.

These 4 mistakes are extremely common, so if you’re new to the gym make sure you don’t commit them. To make the most of your workout why not try a pre-workout supplement? It’ll help you stay energised and on task.