Protein packed strawberry smoothie

Freshly made smoothies are great on-the-go breakfasts if you haven’t got the time to prepare a cooked meal before you leave the house in the morning. You can make a simple but great-tasting smoothie in a matter of minutes and drink it down in a few hefty gulps. This recipe is for a nutritious strawberry smoothie that puts other protein shakes to shame. Give it a go first thing in the morning or prepare it when you like during the day for a lip-smacking smoothie that’s full of tasty goodness.

Getting prepared

To make this scrummy smoothie you will need all of the following ingredients.

  1. Strawberry yoghurt: Fill a large cup with a good low-fat option.
  2. Milk: Just a quarter of a cup.
  3. Fresh strawberries: A handful – chopped.
  4. Banana: Chop it up.
  5. Ice: One cup to make it nice and cold.
  6. Strawberry JBC whey.
  7. A blender: For obvious reasons!


Make sure the blender is off and put the yoghurt, banana and milk into the mixing bowl, then switch it on and give it a whirr until the consistency is pulped. You don’t want to overdo the blending at this stage because you still have other ingredients to add so a few seconds on a moderate setting should be fine.

Next add the whey powder and give the smoothie another whisk until it becomes a little more pureed. Then you can add some ice along with the fresh strawberries and give the smoothie a final blend until you reach the desired consistency.

Finally reach for a glass and pour the smoothie in and consume it straight away. This no-nonsense drink packs a mighty flavour punch and it’s full of protein so add it to your favourite list of breakfast smoothies if you already have a few at the moment.