JBC Signs British Judo Number 1 - Andy Burns

We are pleased to announce that JBC has signed British Judo number one, Andy Burns as its latest brand ambassador.

The 30 year old from Glasgow is the 2014 and 2015 British Open Champion as well as a medallist in the 2014 Commonwealth games. Having started at 16 years of age Andy was a late comer to the Judo scene, but his impressive stats are testament to the talent and drive that is evident in all his fights. Andy has achieved:

  • 31 Career best World Rankings
  • 8 World Cup medals
  • 6 European Cup medals
  • 8 National Championship medals

However it’s the next two years that may prove to be the greatest test of Andy’s career, as he strives to represent team GB in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Andy said, “As a full time athlete you always have to be able to train with intensity - the only way to grow as a competitor is to push yourself beyond your current limits. To do that you need a training schedule that is constantly evolving and a coach who can adapt and motivate you to keep going.

"However no amount of training can make up for a poor diet, essentially if you eat rubbish it will reflect in your energy levels, physique and ultimately your performance. That's why I would like to thank JBC Nutrition for the support they have given me since I joined the team, together I know I will make it to Rio. When I am standing on that podium, wearing GBR on my back and a medal around my neck - it will be the proudest moment of my life."

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