Alaa Nazaryan @CoachAlaa


We've recently caught up with our first ever sponsored athlete from Dubai - Alaa Nazaryan and asked her a couple of questions we thought might help you guys out with diet, nutrition etc.

Q1: Do you have any advice for everyone out there looking to start a diet or currently on one?
   "my advice is to not follow any individual food plan, since everybody is different. Eat protein, healthy fats (nuts, avocados) healthy carbs and try to cat out carbs at night. I follow a diet plan which works for me, for my lifestyle and training guide."

Q2: What's your views on supplements and what do you take?

   "I believe in the brand that I’m working with - JBC Nutrition. The products make it so much easier to get the necessary nutrients to build muscle and can even give me an advantage and enhance my training when taken right when combined with a good diet." My staples have to be the Amino Pro & ISO Whey, not to forget the importance of the Multivitamins, Vitamin D3 & ZMA for help with my sleep.


Q3: What is your current training plan/style?

   "My workouts are different - combined with strength, endurance and balance... I like to enter the gym with something different and new every time because it motivates me to work harder and see what I can do. I do push myself to to do things that I don’t enjoy like yoga, but I know that it is very beneficial for my muscles - I will recover faster with no injury and can perform way better for my next training session!"

Q4: Why do you enjoy living in Dubai?

   "Why do I enjoy Dubai? Because it is full of new opportunities, it is a beautiful and shining city full of so many professionals. I’m eager to learn something new and interesting everyday and since living in Dubai, it has helped me a lot! Not only has it helped me with my knowledge and provided me with great opportunities, but I believe that I wouldn't be in the position I am in now, being a sponsored athlete and working with such a fantastic supplement company like you guys! (ummmm no I’m serious) and I want to thank you for that."


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