Interview with a Devil

We recently caught up with JBC sponsored athlete and Cardiff Devils #91 Bryce Reddick to find out how the new season is going, his advice for aspiring players and how he juggles his gruelling schedule of training & games.


When did you start to play hockey?

I started playing organized hockey when I was about 5 years old and started skating when I was two

What would you be if not an Ice Hockey player? 

If I was not a hockey player and had to get a job outside of hockey I would like to be either a golfer or a World War 2 historian 

Apart from being a JBC Sponsored athlete what’s your career highlight to date?

The highlight of my hockey career so far has been winning the EIHL league and then the EIHL playoffs.

How do you incorporate all the requirements of training into your life? 

With being an athlete your main tool is your body, so it is extremely important to put the right stuff your body. Nutrition is number one for me and then secondly would be the proper exercises to make sure I am in top form come time for the season to start. 

What 3 tips would you have for aspiring hockey players or athletes?

The three tips I would give to only aspiring hockey players but athletes would be

  1. Listen to your coaches and parents
  2. Make sure you work just as hard in school as you do in sports

Current squad; who’s the biggest joker in the locker room? Other than you who trains the hardest?

On our current team I think the biggest joker would be either Layne Ulmer, Mike Hedden, or Ben Bowns.

The person who trains the hardest would be Mark Richardson

What couldn’t you live without?

I couldn't live without my phone! 

If you could have any super power what would you choose?

If I could have one superpower it would be  the ability to never get sick!

What JBC products do you take and why?

As a squad we have a large range of products from JBC, we use the Pro Fuel before each game, this really helps us keep focused and ready for the game.  During the game we drink Amino Pro and I really feel this stops me from having any drop during the periods. For recovery we have the Pro Recovery and ISO Whey and I really like using these as we are drained after a heavy shift on the ice. On a personal note, I use the Amino pro each day for my recovery and also the Promega 3. As an athlete its really important to keep on top of my nutrition and supplements.


To find out any more information on any of the products Bryce uses then check out the website here