JBC and Devils partner for 5 more years

Last year JBC fuelled the Devils all season long, from the pre-season games all the way to the Elite League Championship. 
“The game of ice hockey is obviously physically demanding and the way our league is structured with back to back games every weekend, recovery and nutrition play a vital role for Elite League players,” explained Devils MD Todd Kelman. “We feel we have access to the best supplements, the best products and the best advice we can get with JBC on board.”

Rachel Clarke from JBC spoke about our commitment to the Devils.
“We are looking forward to building on the success of last season’s partnership as the Cardiff Devils prepare for another successful season.
“We are thrilled to have agreed a 5-year partnership, which will allow us to continue to develop our product range in conjunction with the club to ensure we are supporting the players through their gruelling schedules including the Champions League fixtures.
“It's great to see the club recognise the importance of supplementation to aid the performance & recovery of their players. We would like to wish the Devils every success as they venture into Europe and begin the new domestic season.”

Check out the video we created last year all about how we fuel the Devils