Meet our very own Spider Man - Yanik. Learn is 3 tips for aspiring body builders and athletes.

Want to get to know the man behind MarquisMuscle?

JBC Sponsored athlete and British Physique Champion Yanik Marquis talks all things training & Super Powers…

When did you start to get into training?

When I was 15 my current secondary school had an initiative with the local leisure centre called "Teen Fit." The leisure centre ran 6 weekly induction sessions to teach us about correct form and technique during weighted exercises. From this point I fell in love with training! I hit it hard with zero knowledge of nutrition of proper training techniques for a year and then I stopped when I was 16 for 2 years. I got back into it seriously at 18 and haven't looked back since! I am now 21. 

 If you could do anything as a career what would it be?

I'd love to be able to solely rely on my online coaching business as a source of income whilst being a pro bodybuilder. The life of a pro bodybuilder is so appealing to me; going to different countries to represent your sponsors at various trade events, competing at prestigious shows and giving advice to others starting in the field! This is the dream one day!

If you could have any super power what would you choose?

This is a tough one... I think it would have to be the ability to climb anything like Spider-Man! How cool would it be to scale a skyscraper and just sit at the top and enjoy the sunset?!

How do you incorporate all the requirements of training into your life?

I literally just live it! I never really organise my day I just work around what needs doing. For example, every morning I wake up (never set an alarm) and get my cardio session done before breakfast. I'll have my first meal and decide what needs doing for the day, this will dictate how many meals I cook and take with me on my errands. I always ensure I train at 6-6:30pm as that's just a tradition for me! So I work my day around my training time. It never really feels like I have to sacrifice anything to fit things in, it just means my days are pretty busy! 

What couldn’t you live without?

I couldn't live without my family, girlfriend, friends and other loved ones in my life. This sport at times can be so lonely when you can't socialise as much as you'd like to, but having the ability to come home to such a strong support network to take your mind off the task at hand is truly priceless! 

What 3 tips would you have for aspiring body builders or athletes?

Firstly I would say EAT. Not just two or three meals a day of rice and chicken.. at least 5 big meals of a clean carb source (Oats, rice, sweet potatoes) a clean protein source (egg whites, chicken, fish, turkey, lean steak) and some good quality fats (avocado, oils, nuts, whole eggs). Eat high quality foods often and you will certainly grow.


Secondly, train like a machine! There's no point going to the gym to just "get a pump." Yes it might look good for the instagram post after but unless you're pushing your body to new limits every session and working your butt off you will never progress! Track every workout and aim to beat either reps or weight each session whilst keeping form perfectly! 

Finally, enjoy it! Don't become a hermit! Remember this is a hobby, live it don't loath it! You need to find a balance of discipline and down time! Only then will you be able to make it a lifestyle and not a chore! 

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