More than just muscle... meet Charlie Walker-Hebborn our newest member of teamJBC

We caught up with our newest member of team JBC Charlie Walker-Hebborn as she prepares for the NABBA Universe


We asked Charlie about where her passion for bodybuilding began and her hopes for the future, if you don’t already be sure to follow Charlie on social media- she shares her journey as well as inspiring others with a desire to focus on the importance of mental health.

I studied at the University of Lincoln, graduating with a BSc Honours Sport and Exercise Science degree.

Currently working full time as a fitness instructor at a private health and fitness club, whilst in the process of becoming a qualified personal trainer and going on to study GP referral and rehabilitation over the summer period.

I have been into sport my entire life, starting off with competitive swimming (National level) and then over the years getting into other various sports. These sports gradually introduced me into “strength and conditioning” where I found my love for full compound strength training. Through being exceptionally sporty, I was able to integrate routine, structure and discipline, which had bodybuilding lifestyle written all over it.

During my final year at University, I decided to take on my first bodybuilding competition to immerse myself into my dissertation on “The life of a female bodybuilder- behind the scenes”. The psychology is truly what drew me in, the mental toughness and strength that these women endured to compete at such a high level and achieve such incredible goals, amazed me.

The training, the diet, the science, the psychology, it all became much more than just a sport but a lifestyle choice. As time went on, the lifestyle became more and more suited to me, mentally and physically. Which then I felt I was ready to take the stage again this year. I did many months of research into a coach, finding what I wanted to achieve, what would work for me and soon enough goals were set!

Now we are; NABBA SOUTH EAST ATHLETIC FIGURE CHAMPION, BRITISH FINALIST – 3RD IN ATHLETIC FIGURE and in the process of getting ready for NABBA UNIVERSE! Incredible year, and we have only just begun! 

Future Goals and dreams:

Represent GB at the NABBA Worlds and one day... take that PRO CARD! 

I hope to inspire, motivate, guide and support others. Not just in their physical aspirations but their mental wellbeing as well; Quotes that inspire me daily…

“Physical strength- hard work, mental strength- perseverance, Spiritual strength- love and acceptance, the three keys to continuous growth

“A well-built physique, is more than vanity, it shows discipline, dignity and dedication. It requires patience, passion and self-respect.  It cannot be bought, stolen or inherited. It cannot be held onto without constant work”

 “Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, mirror what you admire”