Prep Life

Where to start your fitness journey?


Ahead of BodyPower UK this weekend we have asked JBC Sponsored athletes Emma Harvard & Claire Gibbs for their advice for anyone looking to get into shape or even dreaming of competing one day. Both Emma & Claire will be competing this weekend and to celebrate we will have some great deals in store & online.


A little about Emma & Claire

Emma: I'm 38 years of age. 2016 first time competition. I have been in the health and fitness industry for 10 years plus, weight lifting 3 years. I've competed twice last year and came 5th in the PCA British finals. I will be competing at Bodypower this weekend and then the Welsh qualifiers.



Claire: I am 37 years old and a mum of 5. I have always been into fitness but after gaining weight last year made a decision to eat clean and train hard losing over 3st. I competed in PCA union cup in November 2016 and came 2nd so been invited to the finals in June 2017. I have just won Miss Athletic Figure at Nabba and looking forward to competing at Bodypower this weekend which will allow me to practise for the finals. After my 2017 competitions I hope to continue my journey and have a good off season to make good gains ready for my next season.


JBC Sponsored Athlete Claire


Emma tells us “the first bit of advice I would give to any one starting a fitness/lifestyle journey is to be as consistent as you most possibly can be.. this isn't a quick fix and  ultimately a lifestyle, results and goals will be achieved and maintained through hard work and perseverance.”

Emma’s Top Tips:

  • Good plan diet/training (and stick to it)
  • Stay consistent 
  • Set goals 
  • Set up weekly rewards 
  • Tell family and friends what you are doing 
  • Educate yourself on healthy eating and exercise benefits 
  • Take advice and use supplements to help achieve your goals.. ask a jbc athlete for advice!
  • Make lists and stay organised 
  • Make your training part of your everyday routine 
  • Get up earlier to prepare your food for the day 
  • Enjoy what you do.. Embrace the changes.. Enjoy your new found confidence.


Claire’s Top Tips:

  • Plan and prep meals in advance
  • Eat clean all week and have a decent cheat meal and some treats once a week
  • Find a suitable training partner (Emma)
  • Plan your training plans ahead
  • Use supplements wisely (JBC)
  • Consistency is key
  • Get into a good routine with training, food, family/work
  • Always keep calm and think positive......set yourself suitable goals and when you achieve your goals be super proud.