Vegan Stack

Vegan Stack

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Our Vegan Stack contains a 1kg tub of premium Vegan protein & our amazing tasting Cherry Blast flavour Super Greens 250g 

Vegan Protein

JBC Vegan Protein+ consists of five suitable premium protein sources that delivers over 22g per serving, helping contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle.

What Premium Proteins are Inside Vegan Protein+?

  • Soy Protein Isolate: Soy Protein Isolate is a 90% protein derived from soybeans. This highly bio-available protein contains a whopping 27.5g of protein per 30g serving. It has a fantastic amino acid profile, which is particularly high in L-glutamine and L-arginine.
  • Pea Protein Isolate: Pea Protein Isolate has been included in our Vegan Protein+ due to its 80% protein content, which is high in L-Arginine. It has of the highest solubility, up to 50% higher than other pea proteins. It is also 100% GMO free.
  • Brown Rice Protein: Brown Rice Protein is also 80% protein and highly soluble. The highest quality, non-GMO Brown Rice Protein has been chosen for a complete ..... Read More About Vegan Protein.


Super Greens 250g

JBC Super Greens consists of a super greens powder made up of 22 extremely potent superfood green ingredients and comes in the form of a powder. 

The super greens powder is one of the most sought after workout drinks in the UK. The Super green supplement includes some of the world's most nutrient dense food sources (including Spirulina Powder). 

The Super Green food powder supplement is so pure, a single serving is equal to your ‘5 a day' & provides immense nutritional supergreens benefits... Read more about Super Greens