JBC Super Greens Powder - Tested For Sport
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JBC Super Greens Powder - Tested For Sport

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Product Information

JBC Super Greens consists of a super greens powder made up of 22 extremely potent superfood green ingredients and comes in the form of a powder.

The super greens powder is one of the most sought after workout drinks in the UK. The Super green supplement includes some of the world's most nutrient dense food sources (including Spirulina Powder).

The Super Green food powder supplement is so pure, a single serving is equal to your ‘5 a day' & provides immense nutritional supergreens benefits. The specially formulated JBC Super green drink can help boost energy levels and detox the digestive system at a cellular level.

What Makes The JBC Super Pro Greens Powder Supplement so "Super"?
Apart from helping achieve your 5 a day, experts believe Super Greens can help with improved immune function, fat loss and enhanced cellular energy. This is based on the 22 ingredients found in Super Greens offering a huge selection of bio-available natural foods that can be absorbed and readily used in the body effortlessly.
Product Uses

Recommended Usage

Mix 1 heaped Teaspoon with 100-200ml of water, juice or fluid of choice once or twice per day

Nutritional Info

Some of the fantastic superfoods contained in the Super Pro Greens are: Spirulina, Carrot Powder, Barley grass powder, Spinach powder, broccoli powder, Pomegranate powder, Alfalfa powder, Carrot Powder & Elderberry Powder.
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